Graphic Spin-Off Texts

Franz Kafka
A Metamorfose (PT): DOC
The Metamorphosis (ENG): PDF

George Orwell
A Quinta dos Animais (PT): DOC 
Animal Farm (ENG): PDF

Robert Louis Stevenson
O Estranho Caso do Dr. Jekyll e do Sr. Hyde (PT): DOC
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (ENG): PDF




A wonderful research base



Founded in 2011, The Public Domain Review is an online journal and not-for-profit project dedicated to the exploration of curious and compelling works from the history of art, literature, and ideas. This is a great site full of unusual and inspiring explorations, both visual and written.

(Image above – The coloured cubes — known as “Tesseracts” — as depicted in the frontispiece to Hinton’s The Fourth Dimension, 1904)

Welcome (back)

A warm welcome to all new students for the academic year 2017/18. We hope the coming year will be both exciting and rewarding. To returning students, year two will be the culmination of all the effort and progress you made last year. We wish you every success in the development of your Final Projects.